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Overview of Project Realisation

Our aim as architects is excellence in response to the client brief, to achieve high standards of design quality and efficient cost/time management to deliver quality buildings for our clients. We start by identifying the culture and ethos of the client and look to engage with local stakeholders from inception. We define apparently conflicting elements, resolve these issues, learn from each other and create a building that will respond to the needs of the end users. We have a history of delivering innovative well-designed buildings to completion, on time and within budget. We have high-quality experience of working with community groups and residents.


CQ Architects have been employed in a number of projects similar in scope and complexity to the proposed An Mhaigh Tír na nÓg GAC new club and associated facilities, which gives us the necessary experience to help deliver a high quality product, on time and within budget. We are involved in the £780k reconfiguration and renovation of Dungannon Credit Union which will be constructed in 2 Phases and represents high quality local community facilities. Similarly, the Copper Tap in Omagh was of a comparable budget but brought different challenges through working with Historic Environment Agency due to working in an area of Historic importance. A project differing in complexity but of similar value is KE Holdings mixed use development in Kilcronagh Business Park. This project includes 12 business units including a training facility for South West College and a detached Cafe/ Restaurance.


Each of these projects required a close working relationship with the key stakeholders of the project to ensure that accurate advice was provided in order to ensure that proposals were affordable and offered good value. Whilst each client had their own requirements they were all limited by similar organisational or funding restrictions. Our expert knowledge coupled with collaborating with external consultants allowed us to help clients assess and compare a range of options, track variations, and ensured that the projects remained under control as they progressed through their various stages. Projects were administered under either JCT Standard Forms of Contract or the RIBA Suite of Contracts.


As a practice we are fully committed to excellence in design and service. The Practice prides itself on the delivery of a high quality professional service. We continually strive to improve our efficiency and quality control and to this end we have adopted the RIBA Quality Management Project Quality Plan for every project. We set and review measurable objectives on a regular basis, aimed at achieving improvement in performance and efficiency. Compliance with the requirements of both our own and the RIBA Quality Management System outlined is mandatory for all staff engaged on fee earning work for Architectural Design and Project Management Services.


Throughout the design process, through construction and after completion, all projects are monitored using IRIS TIMEminder, with findings fed into the process for the next project to help ensure constant improvement. Our Quality Management System is aimed to help us maintain our client focused approach by ensuring that all our clients’ requirements are documented and reviewed for each commission at the appropriate stages with the aim of enhancing client satisfaction. CQ Architects is committed to your involvement as the client, and wherever possible other stakeholders or end users in the design process. We are continually developing techniques to aid this important process, no matter what the project may be.


We strongly believe in user involvement. This means all stakeholders and end users, not just our clients, being involved during the design process. Through the dialogue involved we seek to ensure that design solutions provide a best fit to the physical, environmental and financial demands made of it, informed by local, operational experience.

Copper TapIMAGE.jpg