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27   /   10   /   2017

The space is designed to be a hub for discussion, performance and reflection.

-Circular in plan, there is no hierarchy to discussion.

-Audiences are immersed in the performance, losing themselves in the entertainment.

- The structure is orientated east-west, so the sun's path tracks overhead. During the day the shadows are cast through the gridded translucent ceiling, moving slowly around the space to map the passage of time.

Located at the intersection of the Connswater and Comber Greenways, the roof of the structure opens up to allow nature in, providing people with a hint of what lies beyond.

Enclosed using slats of timber, the space is intentionally open to passersby, serving as a fragmenting filter of the surround gardens. At night the roof is enlivened by a network of striped lights intended to animate the busy road thoroughfare.

Designed on a 1200 x 1200 module, it is intended that the structure will be prefabricated and brought to site in components that would simply slot together without the need for skilled workmanship of specialist tools. The local community would be invited to take part in the erection of the structure.

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